Hi all !

I offer the professional oriental musical instrument which belong to the lamellophones family. Are built personally. Mostly: mbira,  karimba,  kalimba. Ethnic instruments which beautiful and magic sounds which they are enchanting with their gentleness and the mildness have. Sounds are causing relaxation and the peace. The game is straight and time after a brief everyone is able to take control of the music instrument.

lamelofonySmall weight and compact dimensions make the instruments easy to take on a variety of tours, eg to the park, forest, by the river, by the sea.

The wealth of shapes, colors and sounds that makes everyone will find something interesting. Models are different. I offer a simple models, good at the beginning of a , as well as models developed on which to build more advanced melodies.

Wonderful exotic sound and practical dimension that makes the instruments are ideally suited for an original gift. in my offer are available djembe and ngoni, the instruments derived from West Africa.

This is the option to purchase the instrument directly from the manufacturer so that the studio is more than a music store. As the creator of the instruments know them very well, it makes a offer good advice, and I offer musical instruments that can satisfy even the most demanding musicians.

Feel free to visit the gallery, where you can see the instruments and in choose something special for yourself, loved ones and friends. You can also order the product as it were "tailor-made", having perfect shapes, colors, sounds, and other selected parameters.